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Elena Naimushina

“ Before creating I sink deep into the emotional experience of a journey in my imagination. Then I begin to capture the images that I’ve collected out there in quick sketches allowing my memory to lead the way. I have learned to rely on pure inspiration in my process. But before the art can come alive I have to give it a touch of color.      

                                          - Elena


From her early years Elena knew in her heart that she would be an artist.  

She began her studies through dedicated academic art training at the age of 5. One of her earliest paintings was selected to be displayed in the capital of the Urals at City Hall on her 13th birthday. After many years of dedicated study she achieved her Masters Degree of Arts and History in Moscow, Russia from the esteemed Russian State University for the Humanities, the leading Russian university for the Arts. 

She began to feature in International Art Exhibitions and Competitions in 2007. 

As an art director for Alive Canvases she traveled the world painting and experiencing diverse cultures. Her first personal exhibition was in Thailand in 2012, then in Paris in 2014 and then Bali in 2015.

She paints portraits, still-lifes, genre paintings, landscapes, and sketches from life. She works using the techniques of acrylic painting, oil painting, and watercolors and has found herself producing work in the style of Naive art.

In 2010-2016 she travelled through Asia and creating series of work and on Eastern themes.  Over the years, she has shared her creative abilities with others through pedagogical work. She loves to impart the the wisdom she has acquired thought the years. She led art experiences for orphaned children in a Summer camp in Yekaterinburg, and also in the Art School in Moscow. She continues to work with Underprivileged children sharing the wonder and accomplishment of art. 

In May 2016 She was inspired by the vibrant city of Miami and in a flurry of activity she painted 15 fresh new works of art in one month. This collection of Miami landscapes culminated in a successful exhibit at Art Basel in 2016 and 2017.

She continues to work daily exploring the interplay of light color and form letting her imagination lead the way. 

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